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01787 Coleman Polar/Solar Extension Cord,10/3 SJEOW,L 25'

Coleman Cable Polar/Solar Extension Cord, Type: 10/3 SJEOW, Length: 25', Amps 15, Voltage 125 VAC, Temperature Range: - 57 to 194F, Material: Rubber Jacket Style: Lightweight and Flexible, Color: Yellow
SKU: CCI01787
Manufacturer: Coleman Cable
Manufacturer part number: 01787

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$66.74 / Each
Polar/Solar is lightweight and stays flexible to -67 degrees F. Its rugged T"Prene" insulation provides superior resistance to abrasion, ozone, oil, grease, and chemicals. Plus, the outer jacket is flame retardant and water resistant. Polar/Solar Extension Cords feature a power indicator light in the female receptacle to show that the power is on.