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AG-16-A XTRweld X10 Zinc Compound, Cold Spray, 16oz

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Brand: XTRweld
Brand part number: GALVX10-16
GTIN: 840349232232
XTRweld X10 Zinc Compound, Cold Spray, Suitable for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Surfaces, Matches Similar "Hot Dip" Look of Galvanizing, (16 oz.)
XTRweld X10 is specially formulated for sheet galvanized applications, X10 provides superior zinc protection on welds, galvanized steel, base iron, and other ferrous surfaces exposed to harsh and corrosive environments and intermittent high temperature exposure. Providing a brilliant metallic aluminum protective finish with generally higher zinc content than similar products. Meets or exceeds MILP-21035 and ASTM A-780 specifications.

Ready to use, X10 in our LARGER 16oz aerosol can provides roughly 50 square feet of coverage and contains roughly 70% zinc metal. An easy color match, 1 recommended coat gives the user a shiny “Brilliant” look, like a hot dip bath of galvanizing solution.

This product is equipped with a no-clog spray nozzle and is shelf ready for 3+ years.