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Bahco 13’-6” x 1 x 0.035 x 5/8T Bandsaw Blade

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Brand: Bahco
SKU: SNP38516270958
Brand part number: 3851-27-0.9-5/8
Bahco 13’-6” x 1 x 0.035 x 5/8T Bandsaw Blade; Bimetal; M42; Cobra
General Purpose Metal Cutting Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade with PRX Tooth for Contour and Small Machines 5/8 TPI 0.9 mm x 27 mm.


  • Bandsaw blade with the most flexible solution for production cutting
  • New improved high-speed steel tooth edge gives a combination of higher hardness and higher toughness
  • Less vibrations, consequently less heat and better wear resistance
  • Geometry with variable teeth pattern mathematically formulated to maximize cutting performance
  • A superior surface finish generates less friction and vibration for improved performance
  • Precise set for smooth finish
  • Maximum cutting performance from the specially designed tooth design
  • Improved tooth material developed for challenging tasks
  • Suitable for many applications thanks to various tooth styles
  • For production cutting of medium to large sections of various materials, especially alloy and stainless steels
  • Specially designed combination of sharp cutting edges for easy penetration