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S00857 Sprayon Blast 'Em Wasp and Hornet Killer,16 oz

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Brand: Krylon
SKU: KRYS00857000
Brand part number: S00857000
GTIN: 075577908578
Sprayon Blast 'Em Wasp and Hornet Killer, Size: 16 oz - Net Wt 12 oz
This product has a minimum quantity of 12

Sprayon SP857 Blast 'Em Wasp & Hornet Killer contains a high amount of petroleum distillates for the best knockdown and kill rate. Kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, flies, mosquitoes and flying moths. Residual deposit will kill returning wasps and hornets.


  • Will not harm most plastics, including Noryl, ABS and Lexan
  • 98% knockdown, 100% kill within 24 hours
  • Sprays up to 20 feet
  • EPA reg. No. 67603-11-64695