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51005 Loctite Anti Seize Lubricant,Copper based,prevents rust,10 oz brush top


Loctite Anti Seize Lubricant, Type: Copper based anti-seize lubricant, Style: Suspends copper and graphite in a high quality grease & prevents rust, Size: 10 oz brush top

68035 Loctite Retaining Compound,680 retaining compound,50 ml bottle 1.69 oz


Loctite Retaining Compound, Type: # 680 retaining compound, Style: Compound is a high strength, medium viscosity & anaerobic adhesive for slip fit assemblies plus cures in 10 minutes @ room temp, Size: 50 ml bottle/1.69 oz

97423 Loctite Repair Putty,Flex 80 putty kit,1 lb


Loctite Repair Putty, Type: Flex 80 putty kit, Style: Trowelable two-part urethane for rebuilding and repairing rubber parts and linings, Size: 1 lb

1167237 Loctite Anti Seize Lubricant,Food grade anti-seize (metal-free),8 oz brush top


Loctite Anti Seize Lubricant, Type: Food grade anti-seize (metal-free), Size: 8 oz brush top

98455 Loctite Mix Nozzle,Stepped Tip,50 ml,6"L x 6mm DIA W/21 elements


Loctite Mix Nozzle, Type: Stepped Tip, Size: 50 ml 6"L x 6 mm diameter with 21 elements, Packaging Qty: 10 per case

29289 Loctite Epoxy Adhesive,Shear Strength,Substrates Metal,Thermoplastic


Loctite Epoxy Adhesive, Type: Fast setting & low odor, Work Life: 5 Minutes, Color: Clear, Size: 50 ml Cartridge, PSI: 2000 to 4000, Packaging Qty: 10 per case

19269 Loctite PRIMER N Thread Sealant Primer,# 7649


Loctite PRIMER N Thread Sealant Primer, Type: # 7649, Style: Decreases set-up time of thread lockers and increases breakaway torque on most fastener surfaces, Size: 1.75 oz bottle

1534294 Loctite Pipe Joint Compound


Loctite Pipe Joint Compound, Type: Pipe Joint Compound, Style: Universal gasket sealant that lubricates and seals threaded joints on water, oil and fuel lines, Temperature Range: -65F to 400F, Size: 16 oz brush can (OLD # 30557)

30515 Loctite Gasket Sealant,Reliable paste-like Gasket Sealant # 2,7 oz tube


Loctite Gasket Sealant, Type: Reliable paste-like Gasket Sealant # 2, Style: Best suited for non-rigid, vibrating assemblies, Temperature Range: Use to 400F, Size: 7 oz tube

88441 Loctite Threadlocker, # 271, High-Strength, Red, 250 ml Bottle


Loctite Thread Sealant, Type: # 271 thread locker, Style: High strength, Size: 250 ml bottle/8.45 fl oz

1169241 Loctite Anti Seize Lubricant,Metal free,Up to 750 degreeF,2 lb can


Loctite LB 8014 Anti Seize Lubricant, Type: Metal-free formulation prevents seizure, galling, and friction in stainless steel and other metal parts, Style: Metal free, Temperature Range: Up to 750F, Size: 2 lb can

22355 Loctite Degreaser,ODC-Free Cleaner & Degreaser,15 oz can


Loctite Degreaser, Type: ODC-Free Cleaner & Degreaser, Style: Designed for cleaning and degreasing surfaces to be bonded with adhesives, Size: 15 oz can