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Bungee Straps

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3025AT Master Lock Bungee Strap,Twin wire bungee assortment,12 pc


Master Lock Bungee Strap, Type: Twin wire bungee assortment, Style: Reverse hook with storage jar, Size: 12 pc; includes 18", 24", 32", 40", 6" canopy & mini's, Material: Nylon rubber, Color: Assorted

3043DATSC Master Lock Bungee Strap,Twin wire bungee assortment,10 pc


The Master Lock Twin Wire™ No. 3044DAT features a 15 piece assortment of bungee cords with wire hooks for additional strength. The reverse hook design provides extra room for fastening. The hooks are rounded for prevention against scratching. A frame, with built in handle, is included for convenient storage, organization, and transportation.