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Power Tools & Accessories - Drills

1660-6 Milwaukee Electric Drill,1/2" Compact drill,Extra long handles two-handed operation


Milwaukee Electric Drill, Type: 1/2" Compact drill, Style: Extra long handles two-handed operation with reversing, Size: 1/2" chuck, Voltage: 120 AC/DC, Amps: 7, Speed: 450 rpm, Set Includes: Pipe handle

2401-22 Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drill Drive kit


Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drill Drive kit, Set Includes: Screwdriver, #2 Phillips 1/4" Hex insert bit, 6F-7R 1/4" Hex insert bit, 12V Lithium-ion battery pack, 12V Charger, Compact driver storage bag, Speed: 0-500 rpm, Torque: 150 in/lbs

2606-22CT Milwaukee M18 Cordless Driver Drill,2-speed compact driver drill W/spindle lock,1/2"


Milwaukee M18 Cordless Driver Drill, Type: 2-speed compact driver drill with spindle lock, Style: 1/2" ratcheting chuck, Voltage: 18V, Torque: 400 in/lbs, Speed: 0-350/0-1,400 RPM, Capacity: 1/2" steel & 1" wood, Set Includes: one 18V Lithium-ion battery pack, one 18V Lithium-ion charger & 1/2" 3-jaw keyless chuck, Replaces MIL2601-22

4206-1 Milwaukee Magnetic Drill,Adjustable position electromagnetic drill press W/3/4" motor


Milwaukee Magnetic Drill, Type: Adjustable position electromagnetic drill press with 3/4" motor, Voltage: 120 AC, Amps: 12.5, Drill Capacity: 3/4", Speed: 350 rpm, Drill Point Pressure: 1,630/1,670 lbs

4270-21 Milwaukee Magnetic Drill


Milwaukee Electric Tool Magnetic Drill, Type: Compact electromagnetic drill press kit, Voltage: 120 AC, Amps: 9.0, Drill Capacity: 1/2", Speed: 450 rpm, Drill Point Pressure: 750 lbs, Set Includes: Lubricant spray bottle, nylon safety strap, two hex wrenches and carry case

49-22-8510 Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Kit,Right angle drill attachment kit


Milwaukee Electric Tool Right Angle Drill Kit, Type: Right angle drill attachment kit, Style: 1/4" hex right-angle drill/driver attachment that accepts standard 1/4" hex shank bits, Size: For cordless 2.4- to 18-volt drills

4935704 Irwin Drill Chuck,6" Ext


Irwin Drill Chuck, 6" Quick CHANGE Ext

DW505 DeWalt Hammerdrill,1/2" (13mm),VSR Dual Range


DeWalt Hammerdrill, Size: 1/2" (13mm), Type: VSR Dual Range Hammerdrill, 7.8 Amp motor provides high performance and overload protection

D21002 DeWalt 3/8" Electric Drill,Drill,Heavy duty,3/8" chuck Sz,L 9.6"


DeWalt 3/8" Electric Drill, Type: Drill, Style: Heavy duty, variable speed & reversing, Size: 3/8" chuck size, Length: 9.6", RPM: up to 2500 rpm, , Amps: 6

DCD970KL DeWalt XRP Cordless Hammer Drill Driver,Lithium-ion W/self-tightening chuck,1/2"


DeWalt XRP Cordless Hammer Drill Driver, Style: Lithium-ion with self-tightening chuck, Size: 1/2", Voltage: 18V, Length: 9-1/2", RPM: 0-500/0-1250/0-2000

DC720KA DeWalt XRP Cordless Driver Drill,1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck


DeWalt XRP Cordless Driver Drill, Type: Cordless drill & driver, Style: Compact, Size: 1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck, Length: 8-1/4", Speed: 0 - 500 / 0 - 1700 rpm, Voltage: 18V, Kit includes: 1-hour charger, 2 18-volt batteries and kit box

1675-6 Milwaukee Electric Drill, 1/2 300/1200 HOLE HAW


Milwaukee Tool Electric Drill, DRILL 1/2 300/1200 HOLE HAW