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Safety Products - Respiratory

51138-08743 3M Exhalation Valve,7283


3M Exhalation Valve, Model: 7283, Packaging Qty: 10 per pack/5 packs per case

7000002060 3M™ 8247, Disposable Respirator, Particulate, Nuisance, R95


Disposable Respirator, Type: Particulate, Nuisance; Size: Standard; Filter Type: R95; Nose Clip: No; Color: Gray; Shape: Cup; Strap Type: Braided Comfort Strap; Exhalation Valve: No; Nuisance Odor Removal: Organic Vapors; Pack: 20/Box, 6 Box/Case

51131-37006 3M Lens Assembly 6898/37006(AAD)


3M Lens Assembly 6898/37006(AAD), Packaging Qty: 5 per case

51131-07001 3M Half Face Pc Respirator Assembly,6191,S


3M Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly, Model: 6191, Size: Small, Packaging Qty: 24 per case

51131-07002 3M Half Face Pc Respirator Assembly,6291,M


3M Half Face piece Respirator Assembly, Model: 6291, Size: Medium, Packaging Qty: 24 per case

51131-07143 3M Respirator Exhalation Valve,Model # 6889/07143(AAD) = Envelope


3M Respirator Exhalation Valve, Type: Model # 6889/07143(AAD), Packaging Qty: 10 per pack = Envelope

51131-37004 3M Nose Cup Assembly,Nose cup assembly 6894/37004(AAD)


3M Nose Cup Assembly, Type: Nose cup assembly 6894/37004(AAD), Packaging Qty: 5 per case

51131-37007 3M facepiece Frame Kit,Frame kit 6899/37007(AAD)


3M Facepiece Frame Kit, Type: Frame kit 6899/37007(AAD), Packaging Qty: 5per case

51138-08742 3M"halation Valve,7282


3M Inhalation Valve, Model: 7282, Packaging Qty: 50 per pack/4 packs per case

51138-21511 3M Respirator Filter Adapter,502,5P71 and 5N11


3M Respirator Filter Adapter, Model: 502, For Use With: 5P71 and 5N11, Packaging Qty: 20 per box/5 boxes per case

51138-21579 3M Disposable Respirator Kits,5303,Organic Vapor/Acid Gas,L


3M Disposable Respirator Kits, Model: 5303, Style: Organic Vapor/Acid Gas, Size: Large, Packaging Qty: 12 per case

51138-29113 3M Respirator Cartridge-Filter Adapter,701


3M Respirator Cartridge-Filter Adapter, Model: 701, Packaging Qty: 2 each/pack, 10 packs/case