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Arc Welding & Consumables

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QC-HTPRSP Gentec Quick Connector Set, B-size, 9/16 in-18


Gentec Quick Connector with Check Valve, Hose-Torch

142T Gentec Torch Handle,Medium Duty (100C),121142002


Gentec Torch Handle, Medium Duty (100C), Model Number: 121142002

FA7RF Gentec Flashback Arrestor,Regulator Bushing Adapter,123002150


Gentec Flashback Arrestor, Regulator Bushing Adapter, Fuel, Model Number: 123002150

FA7RO Gentec Flashback Arrestor,Regulator Bushing Adapter,123002149


Gentec Flashback Arrestor, Regulator Bushing Adapter, Oxy, Model Number: 123002149

FA7RPR Gentec Flashback Arrestor,Regulator Bushing Adapter Pair


Gentec Flashback Arrestor, Regulator Bushing Adapter Pair, Fuel &Oxy, Model Number: 123002145

FA7TPR Gentec Flashback Arrestor,Torch End Adapter Pair,Fuel & Oxy,123002140


Gentec Flashback Arrestor, Torch End Adapter Pair, Fuel & Oxy, Model Number: 123002140

QC-HHF-FSP Gentec Quick Connector,Female Half of QC-HHF,500320510


Gentec Quick Connector, Female Half of QC-HHF, Model Number: 500320510

SSFLAT XTRweld Soapstone, Flat, Natural


XTRweld Soapstone Crayons, Style: Flat, Color: Natural, Size: 3/16 " x 1/2" x 5", Pack: 144 each

SSROUND XTRweld Soapstone, Round, Natural


XTRweld Soapstone Crayons, Style: Round, Color: Natural, Size: 1/4" X 5", Pack: 144 each

WTPURE040 XTRweld Pure Tungsten Electrode, 0.040, Green, 10 Piece, 7 Inch L


XTRweld Tungsten Electrode, Ground, Pure (Green), 0.040 in. (1.0mm) x 7" Length, Package: 10pc. Pack, Specification: AWS A5.12 EWP

WTLAN15125-3DP XTRweld 1.5% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode, 1/8, Gold, 3 Piece


XTRweld Tungsten Electrode, Ground, 1.5% Lanthanated (Gold), 1/8 in. (3.2mm) x 7" Length, Package: 3pc. Pack, Specification: AWS A5.12 EWLa-1.5

QC-HHPRSP Gentec Quick Connector W/Check Valve,Hose-Hose,Pair


Gentec Quick Connector with Check Valve, Hose-Hose, Pair